Saturday, 14 May 2011

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Thanks to my family Doctor referring to Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet my health is getting better and i feel stronger, although i'm still seing him til i meet my goal . I would love all of you to give Dr. poon a visit . He has several doctors working with him to help many people like me. Depending on your health issues you won't even have to pay, but ONLY in Canada.  Visit him at  for more information about this diet program. Also don't forget to order Dr. poon's Diet book and Cook Book
To buy any food products that you can't find in stores visit:  theres free shipping over $150 on orders delivered to Canada.
Find out other Doctor's that deal with this program if your in the USA (search it in Google) or Canada...

Here are a couple of adresses :

Richmon Hill Clinic:                                                      Toronto North York Clinic:
250 Harding Blvd. W., Suite 312                                  343 Wilson Avenue, Suite 201
Richmond Hill, ON                                                       Toronto, Ontario
L4C 9M7                                                                     M3H 1T1
Canada                                                                         Canada
Tel: 1-905-737-3237                                                    Tel: 1-416-636-3237

If you live in Ontario here is a website were you could buy low carb products:  Or the Adress:

170 Esna Park Drive Unit #8
Markham, Ontario
L3R 1E3
Tel: 905-752-1284
If you need to buy spices or flours, just visit your closest store Bulk Barn.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Low carbohydrate diet

To lose a minimum of 7 to 14 pounds of fat and water within 2 weeks by eating a diet that is low in sugar, starch, bad fat (saturated and trans fat), and sodium (salt).

Foods that you can eat as much as you desire and you can eat them anytime of the day:

Meats,~ including red, dark and white meats. They have to be extra lean when you consume them. Remove the fat and skin before or after cooking, when possible. Ground meats from beef, chicken or turkey have to be the extra lean variety (10% fat). Regular ground beef is 30% fat and lean ground beef is 17% fat.
Low sodium and fat free~ deli meat (available behind the counter at major supermarkets). Your left over meat is still the best.
Fish~ Any kind, even the fatty type, which contains essential fatty acids. Fish has to be either fresh or frozen without added salt. Scallops are allowed that are low in fat and cholesterol.
Egg white~ It is pure protein without much salt, fat, cholesterol or carbohydrate
Green leafy vegetables~ As long as it is green in color and is the leafy part, you can eat it . Too many to list individually, visit your supermarket. Cabbage is allowed but not brussel sprouts because sprouts are higher in carbohydrate content
Oil~Olive oil or canola oil
Sweetener~ Splenda is preferred because you can cook or bake with it. Xylitol, Erythitol and Stevia are allowed (they are natural sweeteners). There is no medical evidence to link sweetener with cancer in human
Diet drinks~ including diet pop, splenda flavored drink mix, crystal light or similar products, diet iced tea, coffee, black tea, and green tea preferably the kind with the lowest sodium content, try to drink Green tea 3 to 5 cups daily because it also fights against certain cancers specially prostate cancer.
Jell-O~ or similar products such as flavored natural gelatin (but not jell-O pudding).
Calorie free fruit spread,~ e.g. Walden Farms. Do not use "No sugar added" jam because it usually contains natural sugar from fruit.
Shirataki,~ Tofu shirataki, or Konnyaku (same thing, just the hot pot version) noodles (they are mainly fiber, without sugar or starch) Tofu is made from soy beans and also fights against prostate cancer.
Low sodium~ vegetables bouillon or low sodium ready to use chicken broth, do not use "less sodium broth"
Spices and herbs~ as long as they do not contain salt. For example, McCormick spices, black pepper, white pepper, paprika and curry powder etc.
Vinegar~ any kind except balsamic or rice vinegar

The reasons to add soy to your diet:  It's a great source of low fat protein and it also contains special ingredients called isoflavones, including genistein and daidzein compounds likely to play an important role in holding off the growth of prostate tumours.  Studies based on the Asian population's lower prostate cancer rate show that Asians typically consume a low fat diet filled with lots of  tofu, tempeh and soy milk all excellent sources of soy protein. Blood and urine analyses of Asian men have revealed that the samples contain anywhere from seven to 100 times more isoflavones than the North American men.  Plus, lab tests on genistein, the type of isoflavone found abundantly in soy foods, show that it's a potent inhibitor of cancer cells, including prostate cancer.

For 1 month Do not consume anything grown underground

Some foods you can eat everyday.Just be careful in the quantities

Shellfish~ 1 small lobster tail, 5 large headless shrimps
Egg yolk~ 1 per day (eat egg yolk only occasionally if you have elevated serum cholesterol)
Calorie free~  dressing, BBQ sauce or ketchup, 1 tsp per serving
Table cream~ 5-18% or soy creamer. 5ml (1tsp) per regular cup of coffee or tea
Other vegetables~ not more than a total of 4 cups of artichoke heart, asparagus, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, green bell peppers, green onion, broccoli, green (string) bean, wax bean, zucchini, bean sprouts, and eggplant per day. You do not have to physically measure them. I want you to know that these vegetables have higher carbohydrate contents than green leafy vegetables: hence they are not all you can eat. Note that there is no corn, tomato, peas, or legumes ( lima bean, kidney bean, lentil bean, chick peas, etc) allowed in this diet.
You could use ginger, lemon, lime and garlic for cooking
Half salt~ (50% sodium and 50% potassium salt) or less sodium soy sauce such as Kikkoman to taste
Canned fish  Has to be "Low sodium in water" tuna or salmon and not more than a total of two cans per week because of the mercury concentration, do not use "tuna in water" beacause it contains some salt.
Sugar free popsicle or Freezies, 4 per day allowed.
Senna tea, maximum of 1 tea bag per day as needed for the occasional constipation.
Snacks~ Atkins snacks (optional) that are available at any USA supermarkets or health stores or Ontario Nutrition Company. OR order online at:

Foods to be avoid (Do not eat) While on Phase 1, because either there high in sugar, starch, bad fat or salt:

Foods with high salt content (more than 170mg of sodium per serving). Most canned foods, most deli or processed meats, smoke meat or fish, non diet sauces, and pickled foods. These restriction is particularly important for people who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, water retention, congestive heart failure, or declined kidney function.
Any vegetables that are grown underneath the ground (like root vegetables). You may use garlic and ginger in your cooking.
Most dairy and non dairy products such as milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, whitening powder, evaporated milk, condensed milk, etc. Small amount of cream (5-18%) is allowed for coffee and tea (milk has higher sugar content than cream).
Breaded foods or deep fried foods (pan fry using canola oil is allowed).
Sugar  Including glucose, fructose, sucrose, galactose, lactose, maltose.
Flour products such as cereal, bread, pasta, ordinary noodles (including whole wheat, rye, spelt, rice, etc.)
Starches  such as potato, yam, rice, dry beans (legumes) and their products
Fruits  You may use some lemon and lime for cooking and in your drinks
Juices and alcohols, all kinds
These carbohydrate restriction are for Phase 1 Only, Phase 2 and 3 will be less restrictive.

Drink enough fluids (not just water) so that your urine come out pale yellow (Not 8 glasses, 10 glasses or 20 glasses). Just look at the urine every time .  If it's dark yellow, you need to drink more. If its color is pale yellow, you can stop drinking. Do not over drink because it can lead to excessive amount of electrolyte loss.

Eat only the right kind of food and Do not Over eat. No need to count calories. You should include some protein every time you eat. If you do not know, if you should eat a certain food item that you could not locate in any menu the answer will be ~Do Not Eat It.
One Hundred Percent Dedication is Needed to Be Successful.
You have no obligation to do this diet. If you have doubts about this diet, please discuss this diet with your personal physician first before attempting this diet. "Yo yo dieting is worse than no dieting".

There are many Doctor's out there that deal with this diet, were you can register in the USA or Canada.

I will make a seperate page with many low carb recipes that will help you, but you have to be very determined to go for this diet 100%.
Just bare with me with lots of patients to right up a few recipes..